We've all experienced having our work torn apart by vicious critics. Whether it's the infamous "Hot Seat" of Yale's MFA photography program, portfolio reviews and studio visits rumored to make budding photographers cry, or even Joe Schmo's biting words trolling the comment sections of some of our favorite blogs, there is a kind of coming of age artists experience when putting their work out into the world.  An anonymous group called "Art Crit Zingers" recently launched a website and Instagram account, crowd-sourcing these sharp jabs with shareable ease.

"We're realizing that not all zingers have to be negative or critical," one of their anonymous founders told us... "We see this as a project that will lift the curtain with a loving wink on the humor and intensity that characterizes the discourse in which people engage when talking critically about work. "

Below are some of our favorites, and we recommend digging deeper into their website or Instagram account if your own critics are grinding you down. They're currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis so take that bottled angst and send it their way. 

AuthorJon Feinstein