group show 62
100% Fun 

Shortly after graduating from college, I assisted a fashion photographer and had the opportunity to show him some of my work. It was a series I took very seriously – some large-format portraits for which I wrote an earnest statement, something about “the ambiguity identity” through portraiture. It was 2004, and I can’t entirely remember.
But I recall taking it like a knife to the heart when he proclaimed “oh, these are fun!”

While it’s important to take our work seriously – hell, just look at every single Humble project, including the ultra-heavy “On Death” book we’re about to publish with Kris Grave Projects – sometimes we need to pause and laugh. As climate change ravages the planet, as we further splinter into opposing tribes, sometimes we need a break to simply enjoy photographs that make us smile. We need a moment to look at images that, while likely layered with concept and meaning, we can appreciate just because they’re “fun.”

- Jon Feinstein, Humble Arts Foundation