group show 55
Year in Reverse

2017 has been a taxing year. From the inauguration of a barbaric reality-tv star in the United States to countless natural disasters, horrifying terrorist attacks in various forms and a general feeling of  cultural division around the world, it can often seem like we humans are spiraling downward. A massive photographic meditation on the year feels aptly appropriate for our final group show of 2017. 

Instead of producing a collection of the "best photographs of 2017," this exhibition serves as a reflection on the year. Protest and unfortunate violence. A still bubbling swamp. Solar eclipse. Pointlessly drawing circles to no known end. Highways tunnels with no clear end point. Falling figures and symbols of dislocation and deflation. While there are some visualizations of hope and humor interspersed throughout, Year in Reverse emphasizes the tension brooding this past year, and the continuing uncertainty that lies ahead.