group show 54
Seeing Sound

Gabriel Adda, Fabrizio Albertini, Carmelo Amenta, Rachel Boillot, Sara Bown, Nydia Lilian Cavazos, Robin Cracknell, Ben Davis, Jack Deese, Tracey Fahy, Kris Force, Nathan Goldenzweig, Lauren Grabelle, Alice Hargrave, Adriene Hughes, Ben Hurst, Benjamin Jackson, Barry Johnson, Dorotka Kaczmarek, Betsy Kenyon, Jonna Kina, Shane Lavalette, Carlos Lowenstein, Kim Manley Ort, Daniel Mariotti, Maria Martinez-Cañas, Will Matsuda, Daniel McCullough, Ben McDonnell, Joséphine Michel, Jessie Morris, Szilvia Mucsy, Julie Pawlowski, Atia Pokorny, Zak Rose, Valerie Schmidt, Jerry Snow, Joey Solomon, Marco Ugoy, Ricky van Broekhoven, Curt Walters, Mikayla Whitmore, Colleen Woolpert, Mengtai Zhang

curated by Jon Feinstein

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