group show 46
F*cked Up


Do photographs still have the ability to make us wince? The idea for this exhibition came out of an ongoing, tired question we’ve mulled about whether contemporary photography still has the power to “push boundaries” or stop us in our tracks. With today's constant socialization of imagery, selfies, and appropriation-as-dated-novelty, what does it take to make us turn our heads? Plenty of open calls each year push to see "what's next" in photography, with curators promising to be at the helm of showing off photography's bright and twisted future (and we've been just as guilty of this ourselves.) If we took this a step further, and bluntly asked photographers to send us “fucked up” photographs, what kind of submissions might we generate? Would we receive a barrage of visual taboos, more “new formalist” or process indulgent pictures? Would we be flooded with privileged social commentary, a surge of voyeuristic photographs of the poor or objectifying black and white nudes made by men who call women "girls?" We weren't entirely sure. The resulting collection of images respond to this question, presented in isolation from the context of their larger bodies of work. They offer momentary frames of discomfort, violence, spiritual and sexual ambiguities that leave us more confused than when we first embarked.